Herron Jacquelyn Camille

Ημ. Γέννησης: 1981
Γένος: Θήλυ
Σύντομο Βιογραφικό:
Camille Herron is an ultramarathon runner, scientist, coach, and a four-time International Runner of the Year. She is known for running with her hair down, a big smile, and eating tacos to fuel ultras. She is the first and only athlete to win all three of the road IAU Championships for 50K, 100K and 24 Hours. In 2017, she became only the third American to win the Comrades Marathon and later broke the 100-mile Road World Record by over an hour in 12:42:40. She holds a number of ultramarathon world records on the track and road, including 50 miles (road best), 100 km (master’s track), 100 miles (track and road), and 300 km, 200 miles, and 400 km. She is the first woman to run under 5:40 for 50 miles, sub-13 hours for 100 miles. For her 48 Hour World Record, she became the first female athlete to surpass a Men’s American Record. In October 2023, she won the Spartathlon race 246 km (153 miles) with a new women’s course record of 22h 35min 31s, an improvement of 2h 12min 53s, under the previous course record. She became the first athlete to have won both the Comrades Marathon and Spartathlon. She is a three-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, 21-time marathon winner and Guinness World Records holder for the fastest marathon in a Superhero costume, running 2:48:51 dressed as Spiderwoman. She began setting ultramarathon World Records/Bests in 2015, when she set the 50-mile World/American Road Best of 5:38:41 at the Fall 50. Her first 100 Mile World Record of 12:42:40 at the 2017 Tunnel Hill 100 is also the fastest women’s time on trail, averaging 7:37 per mile. For her 100 Mile and 24-Hour World Records, she won the races outright beating all of the men. She was the top-ranked American 24-Hour runner, including both men and women, going into the 2019 IAU 24 Hour World Championship, where she won her third World title and bettered her 24-hour World Record by running 270.115 km. She broke her American and track World Records for 100 miles in 13:21:51 at the Desert Solstice Track Invitational. In 2022, as a 40-year-old Master’s runner, she won the Jackpot 100/US Championship outright beating all of the men by almost 30 minutes, the first time a woman has won a US Championship outright since 1989.
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43 2022 30/09/2022 06:45:00 326 30/09/2022 06:45:11    
44 2023 30/09/2023 07:00:00 56 30/09/2023 07:00:12 01/10/2023 05:35:31 22:35:31