Sah Binay

Ημ. Γέννησης: 1981
Γένος: Άρρεν
Σύντομο Βιογραφικό:
I am Binay Kumar Sah , an avid marathon runner, Cyclist & fitness enthusiast “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!” .So, go for it whatever is in your mind. Running is a process of Self discovery . When we live to inspire, we become more human. I want to touch and inspire as many lives as I can. That’s what drives me and adds meaning to my existence! Having run more than 50 official races across various categories including 10km / half marathon /full marathon / Duathlon & Ultra races in last 3 yrs in India & Overseas Running is a daily route for me. It’s like having my meals everyday and without which I don’t feel that my day is complete. Running is like a part of my family as it has helped me stay connected and be more lovable to my family and it’s complete health. I started running 4 years back from short distance runs and now I am into long distance running, running has helped me to be more focused and brought a discipline in my personal and professional life. Mentioning only ultra’s & beside this more than 50 half/Full marathon across India 2018 •24hrs Delhi Stadium run (jan 2018) -126Km •Trailathon 56Km(feb’18) in 5.28hrs – Podium finish •Comarades (June2018) – 90 km in 8.32hrs , 3rd Indian as arank •Tuffman 80km , Mashobra(June 2018) – 9.29hrs Podium finish •Malnad Ultra 110km (Oct'18)– 16.05hrs – Ranked 5th •IAU 100km WorldChampionship (Sep'18) – 9.44hrs •Participated 100 days running 2018 – Covered 1730km ( within top 3 inDelhi / organisation & in adidas runner group ) 2017 •Participated in 100days of Running 2017, covered1517Km in 100days (avg. of 15.17Km/days Trailathon 56Km (feb’18) in 5.28hrs ( within top 3 inDelhi / organisation & in adidas runner group ) •Comrades Finisher (June)–the ultimate human race (June’17) :- 89Km fromDurban to Pietermaritzburg ,. Completed in 9hrs10min & 4th Indianto finish it •Finisher of LA Ultra , 111Km (leh ladhak) (Aug’17)– running at an attitude for 18300ft , temp. variation from -10 to +40 Celsius , thin air i.e., 40 to 50% oxygen level than sealevel •12hrs Bengaluru stadium run (Aug’17), NEB sports, 112 Km in 12 hrs (280laps , 400metereach lap) , Winner •FAR EAST ULTRATHON , 65km (April) , Podium finish •Trail-a-thon , 56Km(Jan’17) , Podium finish •6hrs stadium run, Delhi (Jan’17), NEB Sports , covered 59km in 6 hrs, Winner
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