Virág Pál

Ημ. Γέννησης: 1994
Γένος: Άρρεν
Σύντομο Βιογραφικό:
I am Pál Virág, 28 years old, and I work as a project manager at a sheet metal processing company. I have been running since 2014, before that I did karate and strength training. I ran my first marathon in 2017 with my girlfriend. I can already call her my fiancee, but by the time the competition starts, she will already be my wife. Our wedding would be 2 weeks before the Spartathlon, so it would be a perfect honeymoon. When I started running longer distances, it was already clear to me that I had to run the Spartathlon. I set this for myself before I was 30 years old. I have been preparing hard for years and I feel that my time has now come. For me, running is a self-expression that allows me to get to know myself much better. It's hard to articulate why I do it, but maybe this is the best: I run to find out why I run.
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