Versmissen Rob

Ημ. Γέννησης: 1983
Γένος: Άρρεν
Σύντομο Βιογραφικό:
In 2013 I started with running just to get in shape. After doing some 10K races with encouraging results the idea came up to run a marathon before my first daughter was going to be born. 3 months later I finished the marathon in less then 4 hours, but since I was not satisified with the result I kept on training and finished later that year my second marathon. In 2015 I finished my first ultrarun in Amiens on the 100 km distance. From that point I have ran each year numerous marathons and finished multiple ultraruns over the past years. My personal record on the 100km is 8h39mins and in 2022 I have finished a 100 mile race in 20h05min becoming 6th in the race. For years the Spartathlon has been my ultimate goal and training motivation. Now I'm looking forward to be a participant of this race!
ID Έτος Έναρξη Αγώνα BiB Σ/Ε Έναρξη / Ημερομηνία Σ/Ε Τέλος / Ημερομηνία Ολικός Χρόνος Σ/Ε
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