Press Release

Press Conference 20 September 2021 (Greek)

Everything is ready for the "39th SPARTATHLON 2021"

The biggest sport event in the world of long distance, the 39th Spartathlon, will start at 7.00 on the morning of Friday, September 24, 2021, from the base of the Holy Rock of the Acropolis of Athens. Runners from 53 countries from all over the world, will travel the distance from Athens to Sparta, passing through archeological sites, roads and paths of Attica and Peloponnese, crossing the top of Mount Artemisio, the plains of Nemea, bridge of Evrotas. They will spread the message of good fight through this historic event.

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Health & Safety Protocol 2021

Considering the safety and health of the Athletes as well as all those involved in the organization (i.e., judges, volunteers, medical and support personnel, employees, crew members and supporters), the Organizing Committee, having carefully studied the Health and Safety protocols of NPHO (National Public Health Organization) designed the present Protocol against Covid-19.

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Announcement Concerning Vaccinations and Participations 2021 (updated 22/07/2021)

The International SPARTATHLON Association strictly follows the health protocol as defined by government decisions.

Following new changes in the health protocols this announcement is updated with the following:

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Announcement Concerning Terms of Participation in SPARTATHLON 2021 Special Edition

Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of your Participation for SP 2021 Special Edition.

The year of 2021 has been a difficult one as the Race had to be put off (reorganized) due to the Governmental Restrictions that COVID-19 brought forward. Those restrictions forced us to make decisions that you were made aware of in our email from September 4th, 2020 regarding the annulation of the SPARTATHLON Race of 2020, despite the fact that the Race was completely ready from all aspects.

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Press Release 12/12/2020 - Board Elections

Following the elections held on November 2020, at the General Assembly of the members of the International Association "Spartathlon", the elected members met on Saturday, 12 December 2020 and were constituted for the Board of Directors, as follows:

PRESIDENT: Evangelos Polymeris


GENERAL SECRETARY: Panagiotis Bonelis

TREASURER: Ekaterini Skenderi

DEPUTY TREASURER: Anastasia Dellopoulou

SUPPLY MANAGER:  Vasilis Dimitropoulos

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Described as the world's most grueling race, the Spartathlon runs over rough tracks and muddy paths (often it rains during the race), crosses vineyards and olive groves, climbs steep hillsides and, most challenging of all, takes the runners on the 1,200 meter ascent and descent of Mount Parthenio in the dead of night.
This is the mountain, covered with rocks and bushes, on which it is said Pheidippides met the god Pan.

Spartathlon is the event that brings this deed to attention today by drawing a legend out of the depths of history. The idea for its creation is belongs to John Foden, a British RAF Wing Commander. As a lover of Greece and student of ancient Greek history, Foden stopped his reading of Herodotus' narration regarding Pheidippides, puzzled and wondering if a modern man could cover the distance from Athens to Sparta, i.e. 250 kms, within 36 hours.