The declaration that is signed by any athlete who wishes to participate in the annual ultra distance race of the Association under the name “INTERNATIONAL SPARTATHLON ASSOCIATION”, which is organized exclusively by the Association and is in accordance with the provisions of a) the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR / EU 679/2016) and b) the currently applicable Greek Legislation and it provides the explicit consent and approval of each athlete in the collection, processing and storage of his/her personal data.
The content of this declaration, (or any declaration or electronic form) which aims at the collection and processing of personal data of each participating athlete and the submission of it, is a prerequisite for his/her final participation in the race, is as follows:


The purposes for which my data is processed are:

  • For my participation in the ultra distance Race organized by the SPARTATHLON Association from Athens to Sparta, of a total distance of 246 km (hereinafter “Race”).
  • In order to assess the health risks associated with my participation in the ultra distance Race organized by the SPARTATHLON Association.


  • The SPARTATHLON Association collects my personal data during the stages of my application to participate in the Race, the accompanying documents and supporting documents and any other data which I myself have disclosed or will disclose to the SPARTATHLON Association in the future, either orally or with any other means, in writing or electronically.
  • The SPARTATHLON Association collects my personal data during the Race, such as Audiovisual Content, photos and videos.
  • Also, the SPARTATHLON Association requests and collects for the fulfillment of the purposes of par. 1 hereof only, data from third parties responsible for the organization of other ultra distance races.


The processing of my data from the SPARTATHLON Association includes the following categories:

  • Identification Data: name, surname, father’s name, date of birth, identity card / passport number, Social Security No., Fiscal No., Tax Office.
  • Communication Data: mailing address (home and work), telephone / fax and e-mail. Payment Details: bank accounts
  • Participation in the Race Data: data necessary to qualify and participate in the Race, health data.
  •  Audiovisual Data: As the Race is televised and photographed, data such as photos and videos.


Data may be transmitted:

  • To public / judicial authorities, hospitals and all kind of health institutions, clinics, medics, Doctors etc.
  •  The staff organizing/managing the Race, managers, supervisors, volunteers, etc.
  •  Photographers, camcorders, cameramen.


The SPARATHLON Association will collect, store and process my personal data in written or electronic form for as long as there is an application to participate or participation in the Race.
The Association will also keep my data for as long as it is necessary for the prescription of the relevant claims on either sides and in any case for as long as it is required or imposed by the current regulatory and legislative framework. If an application for participation in the Race is submitted but there is no participation in the Race, the SPARTATHLON Association will retain my data for five (5) years.


I have been informed that I have the right to withdraw at any time my present consent, as well as about the consequences of any such revocation.
In particular, I have been informed that in case of withdrawal of my consent as far the data is concerned, the processing of which is absolutely necessary for my participation in the Race, the SPARTATHLON Association has the right to refuse my participation in the Race.
In addition, I have been informed of the following rights, as they apply under the conditions set forth in the General Personal Data Regulation and the applicable Greek Legislation.


  •  I have the right to access my personal data maintained, shared and processed by the SPARTATHLON Association.
  • I have the right to request the correction of inaccurate or incomplete data relating to me or the completion of my incomplete data.
  •  I have the right to request the deletion of my data from the SPARTATHLON Records, since their processing is not necessary to pursue the purposes for which they were collected.
  •  I have the right to request that my data may be restricted, in case I dispute their accuracy.
  • I have the right to receive the data I have provided myself in a structured, commonly used, format.

The exercise of the aforementioned rights presupposes the submission of a written application to the Board of Directors of the SPARTATHLON Association, No. 7 Kodrou Street, Athens, Post Code 10558.

For any matter whatsoever, I may contact the Data Protection Officer of the SPARTATHLON Association, tel +30.2103223642, Email In any case I have the right to contact the Personal Data Protection Authority either in writing (No. 1-3, Kifisias Avenue, Post Code11523), or electronically (

In the event that one of the above rights is exercised, the SPARTATHLON Association will take every possible measure for its satisfaction within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the relevant request, informing in writing, whether about the satisfaction of the request or about the reasons that prevent the exercise of the right.